Honors Induction Celebration

Fall 2011 Honors Inductees

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Watermelon for Spotlight on Texarkana

For Spotlight on Texarkana: The Honors Association presents: WATERMELON

YUM! Breaking the Heat with Watermelon and Friends

Delicious Watermelon

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Wilson’s Warriors


Honors Team:  Ryan Ward,

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Meet Your Officers :)

Your officers are a diverse group of Honors students. 

from left to right: Doni Barrett (President);  Courtney Grieg (VP of Student Relations);  Kelly Fields (VP of Social Engagements)  Ginny Phipps (VP of Finances); Katherine Coats (VP of PR); Dr. Doug Julien (Advisor); Debbie Conway (VP of Literacy Advancement); Lizette Greene (VP of Fundraising);  Bridget Byers (VP of Historical Records); Noah Gilliam (Vice President); Ryan Ward (VP of Mentoring).  Not Pictured: Gwen Easley (VP of Service).

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Welcome to the Honors Blog!

We all applied for the Honors Program for different reasons, and we all have different goals.  Let us all take a moment to share why we signed up for more responsibility, more work, and…well…more.

This is your chance to tell us why you are here.

So stand up straight, the spotlight is on you, centerstage!

 ” WHY  ARE  YOU  HERE ? “


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